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Massage entre ciel et terre


A complete range of specific massages,
adapted to individual needs and practiced
by artisan massage therapists.

Massage bien-être

Well-being duo

Have a massage together, in the same room, as a couple or between friends.
A timeless moment of sharing. Choose your customised massage.

Entre Ciel & Terre massage

60 min 80 € – 75 min 95 € – 90 min 110 €

Intuitive ‘house’ massage combining several techniques depending on your needs
at the time.

Le Chamonix - sport massage

60 min 85 € – 75 min 100 € – 90 min 115 €

This deep muscular massage, using arnica, is ideal before or after sport, for the preparation and overall recovery of the body. The massage is accompanied by passive stretching on the table if necessary. It is practiced by sports massage specialists.

Massage Lomi Lomi

90 min 120 €

TAHITIAN Lomi Lomi massage with Poé, who will take you on a journey to the heart
of ancient Hawaiian healing traditions, where techniques have been passed on for generations. The Lomi Lomi touch is in line with the aloha spirit (respect, attention),
which links body, heart and soul to the source of life.

Rebalancing Indian massage

90 min 120 €

A traditional Indian massage with hot oil based on friction and joint stimulation, this treatment re-energises the body and stimulates vital functions. It allows vital energy (prana) to grow and circulate freely thanks to the work on the centres of energy (chakras).
The rebalancing Indian massage promotes concentration, helps to better manage emotions and is a good introduction to meditation. It is personalised according to your needs.

Zen Taoist massage

75 min 95 €

Thanks to a reharmonisation of yin and yang, this massage brings you a deep inner calm. The flow of vital energy is released and the mind-body balance is harmonised.
This Taoist massage allows you to find your own inner nature.

Hot Stones

75 min 95 €

The hot stones are placed on precise energy areas such as the spine and the stomach, stimulating and re-energising your body.
The hot stones warm the muscles releasing tension. This massage has an intense relaxing effect, both physically and mentally.

Lotus Massage

50 min 75 €

Head and face massage that promotes letting go. This comprehensive head massage allows you to disconnect from the thread of your thoughts and to enter into deep relaxation.

5 senses harmonising massage

75 min 85 €


Do you want to stop smoking, have a break, change your life direction,
channel your emotions?
This treatment refocusses you back to the senses: touch, smell, sight and hearing.

A the beginning of the session, Valérie offers you a colour consultation which helps question the body and determine your needs and your potential at that time. Once the essential oil and the corresponding colours have been determined, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks come into play for energy re-harmonisation through the chakras and meridians.
Background on olfactotherapy and aromatherapy…
Japanese kodo is the ancestral art of “listening to fragrance”. Hearing the voice of scents represents the highest degree of soul perception and openness to the world. Jasmine to unite the opposites, neroli to be joyful, ylang ylang to let go, orange to de-stress…
Like musical notes or perfumes, colours are vibrating. They appeal to your senses and influence your moods. Smells and colours intertwine harmoniously and take you on olfactory journeys that soothe your senses and bring you relaxation, balance and energy.

Foot reflexology

50 min 65 €

Foot massage on the body’s reflex zones. This treatment rebalances the entire body.

Foot happiness

75 min 85 €

Foot bath with salts and scrubbing, foot reflexology. Add a poultice of hot mud on the spine for an additional 15€.

Chamonix Massage


Excellent massage and facial. I also tested two acupuncture sessions, the effects of which impressed me.Valérie is very competent. I whole-heartedly recommend.

Dieu Anh,


It's the best anti ageing massage that I could have tested! Valerie has an exceptional hand and loves her job, she is curious and constantly improving. A must if you are in the area.