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entre ciel & terre

It is in the intimacy of an apartment in the centre of Chamonix
that a team of qualified professionals
welcome you with tailored treatments, for men and women.
Here, we advocate Slow Attitude, the return to our own internal rhythm.
Each massage therapist’s speciality is based on a rich and varied
experienced from Chinese medicine to deep tissue massage and Indian treatments.

Available as customisable products,, we offer a full range of specific massages,
energetic therapy derived from Chinese medicine and beauty care with a range
of natural anti-ageing treatments such as Japanese facial lifts and Kobido.

The team’s signature, treatments that affect the entire being,
with a balance between physical health, emotional health and energetic health.

Massage Chamonix Notre equipe

Our values

Slow cosmétique : concerned about the
the protection of the planet, Entre Ciel et Terre commits
to offering natural products and brands
committed to the respect of nature and your own nature.


Made to measure : attentive to our clients,
Entre Ciel et Terre offers personalised treatments
which meet your needs of the present moment.


Charter of quality of services : For your well being,
Ciel et Terre chooses the best qualified
artisanal massage therapists.

Our team

Each massage therapist’s speciality is based on a rich and varied experienced
ranging from Chinese medicine to deep tissue massages and Indian treatments.

Valerie Jacquet


Valérie created Entre Ciel & Terre in 2008.
Her expertise
Chinese energetics: acupressure, moxibustion and cupping (Study of Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine since 2004 in France and China).
Natural anti-ageing technique for the face Life coach
Body energy massage trainer, Taoist massage and Japanese anti-ageing massage.
Her preferred treatments
Japanese natural anti-ageing
lifting par acupuncture.
massage, acupuncture facelift.
Harmonising energy care.
Her inspirations
The infinite power of transformation of Qi (energy) by practicing qi gong.
Her mantra

Slow Life
Man, think with your senses and you are your God.

Use of different tools: Tibetan bowls and tuning forks, essential oils and colours.



Her expertise
Qualified in aesthetic cosmetics
Trained at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in India
10 years of experience in massages and beauty treatments.
Has worked with physiotherapists and osteopaths.
Her preferred treatments
Indian and muscular massages.
Beauty treatments.
Her inspirations
Nature, plants and their benefits.
Her mantra

The present is a gift.

Travels to India, Indonesia and Guatemala to discover different cultures and their approach to healing.



Her expertise
Massages inspired by different parts of the world, specifically Polynesia (Lomi Lomi).
10 years of experience in well-being.
In traditional chinese medicine training since 2016.
Her preferred treatments
Foot reflexology, aesthetic facials, muscle massages and relaxing massages
Her inspirations
Reiki energising treatments.
Her mantra

The awareness that one puts in each of his gestures and the creativity in his practice.

French and Tahitian, Poé shares her heritage through massages but also through Tahitian dance lessons.



His expertise
A licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and
Traditional Oriental Medicine for more than 15 years.
A certified Rolfing® Practitioner
Has worked with physiotherapists and osteopaths.
His preferred treatments
Traditional Japanese Acupuncture for health
Rolfing®+Shiatsu for deep relaxation
The HATTORI Method for beauty and Zen stillness
His inspirations
The state of deep inner silence and tranquility he brings to every client’s treatment frees his creativity and inspiration and allows him to understand each of their unique needs.
His mantra

Be Still. Stillness is your original state of being that lets you be as you truly are.

Naoki’s practice is always grounded in the essential oriental philosophy of mind and body unity. He is the embodiment of the traditional Japanese healing arts.