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Chinese energy care

Chinese energy helps you return to your
own rhythm to find your balance.

Soins énergétiques chinois

Interseasonal care

60 min 75 € by acupressure

This energetic treatment allows you, in the Autumn, to boost your energy and to drain organs if needed. We recommend this at the changing of the seasons, for seasonal tiredness, depression and lack of motivation.

Winter season care

60 min 75€ by acupressure

Winter is the time of the year when you need to rest by the fire. This treatment stimulates your vitality with acupressure and moxibustion. It is recommended for all those that want to take care of their vitality.
Hygiene advice is offered.

Zen Taoiste treatment

75 min 95 €

Thanks to a reharmonisation of yin and yang, this massage brings you a deep inner calm. The flow of vital energy is released and the mind-body balance is harmonised.
This Taoist massage allows you to find your own inner nature.

Chinese treatment

60 min 75 €

Treatment by acupressure or another appropriate technique for energy imbalance according to traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is suggested in cases of migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, chronic neck pain, lumbar, joint and muscular pain, digestive problems, chronic or punctual fatigue, allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, depression, uneasiness…


45 min 65 €

A stimulating technique which uses heat on acupuncture points and the meridians. The term ‘moxibustion’ comes from the Japanese mogusa, ‘burning grass’. The moxas are made from dried mugwort reduced to powder. Used in the form of a cone or a roller, it regulates the energy flow of the meridians and stimulates the organ’s functions.
Moxibation can be used alone or in combination with acupressure to treat certain imbalances.


45 min 65 €

A suction cup is a small bell shape that is applied to the skin and acts by suction.
Firstly, the use of the suction cup cleans the skin by sucking the toxins that remain on the surface and clog the pores. As the skin is one of the body’s emunctory organs, cupping will help it in its function. Then, the suction creates blood flow which will allow efficient drainage of toxins.
Cupping has a deep effect which, relaxes the muscles and releases deep tensions.
The stimulation of the lower part of the neck and shoulders improves the oxygenation of the brain.
At the blood level, this treatment boosts the circulation and helps strengthen the immune system. The suction cup restarts your body’s energy circuit by liberating your organs. This treatment is recommended to treat deep tension in the back and to do drain accumulated toxins if necessary.

Qi nei zang

45 min 65 €

Stomach massage which consists of relaxing the abdomen area by circular movements, pressures and vibrations according to Chinese practice. For Taoists, the stomach is our second brain, the cradle of our emotions. this massage will relax you, improve your abdominal comfort and strengthen the immune system.

5 senses harmonising massage

75 min 95 €


Do you want to stop smoking, have a break, change your life direction,
channel your emotions?
This treatment refocusses you back to the senses: touch, smell, sight and hearing.

A the beginning of the session, Valérie offers you a colour consultation which helps question the body and determine your needs and your potential at that time.
Once the essential oil and the corresponding colours have been determined, Tibetan
bowls and tuning forks come into play for energy re-harmonisation through the chakras and meridians.
Background on olfactotherapy and aromatherapy…
Japanese kodo is the ancestral art of “listening to fragrance”. Hearing the voice of scents represents the highest degree of soul perception and openness to the world. Jasmine to unite the opposites, neroli to be joyful, ylang ylang to let go, orange to de-stress…
Like musical notes or perfumes, colours are vibrating. They appeal to your senses and influence your moods. Smells and colours intertwine harmoniously and take you on olfactory journeys that soothe your senses and bring you relaxation, balance and energy.