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Detox vegan treatment by Intimu

60 min 80€

Detoxifying facial with steam and essential oils, purifying exfoliation, exfoliating and moisturising mask, stimulation of energy points and manual drainage to eliminate toxins.
For a deep cleanse. Vegan products from Corsica with Helicrysum, Rosmarinus, Murthe, a nice mix to detox your skin deeply and naturally.

Revitalising and nourishing Lodesse treatment

60 min 85 €

A facial-neck-eyes-neckline treatment in osmosis with the essential needs of the skin. Lodesse products act by biomimicry and give your skin back the components which it loses with age, stress, daily damage, hormonal changes, climate, etc. In total osmosis with your skin, they are recognised and absorbed. Your body obtains what it needs for lasting results in terms of nutrition and hydration.

Facial reflexology treatment

60 min 90 €

An energetic balance diagnosis is established before proceeding to your facial treatment. This takes place in two stages: a phase of care using acupressure and a treatment stage using cosmetics with organic plant active ingredients adapted to your skin. Some skin problems like acne can find solution with energetic treatment.

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Organic waxing

60 min 75 €

Half-legs, basic bikini, underarms 45 €
Full legs, basic bikini, underarms 54 €
Half legs 25 €
Thighs 28 €
Full legs 35 €
Full legs Men 45 €
Bikini line 18 €
Brazilian 25 €
Hollywood 30 € (5 € extra for buttocks)
Underarms 15 €
Full arms 25 €
Full arms men 32 €
Half arms 16 €
Eyebrow line 18 € touch up 10 €
Upper lip 10 €
Sides of face and chin 20 €
Chest men 40
Back men 45

Hanakasumi exfoliation

75 mn 105€

This treatment takes you on a sensory journey with cherry blossom and rice powder.
To start with, Japanese exfoliating towels are used to clean the surface of your skin. Then, a body massage using hot Shea butter brings you a deep sense of relaxation, butter modeling and foot reflexology. This refined treatment will bring you a deep relaxation.

Himalayan salt exfoliation

50 mn 70€

Exfoliation of the body with salts. This treatment promotes the detoxification and oxygenation of the body.

Anti-cellulite detox massage

30 min 50 € – 50 min 80 €
Course of 8 sessions 640 € – 1 session free

A massage based on palpation, rolling massage and kneading. Ideal to melt cellulite and fade the orange peel look! A detoxification of the organs by a stomach massage optimises the effect over time. Ideal as a course of treatment.

Lymphatic drainage

60 min 80 €

This drainage improves digestion, lymphatic and venous circulation, reduces the sensation of heavy legs, decreases water retention by manual detoxification on the lymphatic pathways.

Slimming, the Asian way

6 sessions 420 €

A treatment composed of different techniques to initiate weight loss whilst respecting the body.
Chinese energy assessment to determine energy imbalances, Tui Na, aromatherapy,
diet advice in accordance with your morphotype, Himalayan salts exfoliation for drainage, algae wrap to speed elimination.
At the end of the treatment, we use a suction cup on your skin to break up the cellulite and to stimulate blood circulation, which boosts microcirculation in the areas where toxins are accumulated. After three sessions the skin is more supple and toned.

soins Esthetiques chamonix